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Budget $aver Twin Pops & Frozen Ice Treats: Frozen Pops The Whole Family Will Love!

Colorful packaging. Refreshing sweetness. Great flavors. All ready and waiting for you at the store--just pick them up and put them in your freezer!

That's all it takes to insure a great low cost treat any time you or your family feels the urge.  We are obsessed with making the highest quality, best tasting frozen water ice treats anywhere in the world, and we hope you agree!  At Budget $aver, we make nearly 2 million pops in 24 hours!  So as long as you keep enjoying Budget $aver products, we’ll keep making them…. millions at a time!

Take a closer look at our array of twin pop products, water ice pops and specialty frozen treats—and the difference is easy to see:  practice makes perfect!